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Ingredients, shelf life, approach to infant nutrition, and more


How many ounces are in each can?

Each can contains 24 ounces of formula – that’s 40-44 x 4 oz bottles – which means that if you’re a formula-only feeder, you’ll typically only need 5 cans of ByHeart a month, versus over 10 from some other brands.

What's the shelf life?

Each unopened can is good for 24 months.

Where does your DHA come from?

The DHA in our formula is sourced from algae oil. It’s hexane-free and water-derived.

Do I need to give my baby any extra vitamins or minerals while I am feeding ByHeart formula?

Our formula is designed to meet a healthy baby’s vitamin and mineral needs for the first 12 months of life! Around 6 months, complementary food may be introduced to support extra nutritional needs. We always recommend talking to your pediatrician whe

I know fish is an allergen, so is it safe to give formula with DHA in it to an infant?

Yes! Our DHA comes from algal oil which comes from a microalgae, and is not from fish oil (and is actually vegan!). It’s hexane-free and water-derived.

Is your formula vegan?

The only vegan infant formulas on the market today are soy-based, and we were very intentional to create our formula without soy (or fillers like corn syrup and maltodextrin!). We also mirrored breast milk’s recipe, as the first infant formula in the

Are you organic?

The majority of the ingredients we use are organic, but our north star is to always combine cleanest ingredients with highest quality nutrition. We chose to include in our formula the two most abundant proteins in breast milk that are highly benefici

Is ByHeart lactose free?

No, our primary carbohydrate is lactose, which we chose intentionally, as breast milk’s primary carbohydrate is also lactose! Research shows that the majority of infants are able to tolerate and digest lactose (lactose intolerance is actually extreme

Is your formula soy free?

Yes!. Our formula does not contain soy protein or soybean oil. Soy protein is a known allergen, so parents of infants with soy allergy should feel comfortable knowing our formula is safe for their babies. And while soybean oil does not elicit an alle

Why does ByHeart’s formula use whole milk?

Breast milk doesn’t skim its fats, so neither do we. Skimming milk (AKA skim or nonfat milk, an extremely common ingredient in infant formulas today) removes key nutrients that are naturally present in milk. Our organic, grass-fed whole milk supplies

What do you mean by “no compromise nutrition”?

We believe that parents shouldn't have to compromise between functional benefits and clean ingredients when it comes to baby. For too long, parents have had to choose between brain development or immune support, easy digestion or clean ingredients. W

Is your formula kosher?

Yes, our formula is certified “kosher dairy” by the OU Kosher Certification Agency.

What’s in the Whole Nutrition Infant Formula?

Our signature formula is informed by breast milk’s recipe: Protein is the one of the biggest gaps between breast milk and formula today, so we patented our own protein blend with the two most abundant proteins found in breast milk–Alpha-Lactalbumin a

Where do your ingredients come from?

We only work with farmers and suppliers that meet our stringent requirements when it comes to quality. This means having a global network of suppliers and farms from Denmark to upstate New York. Learn more about our Farm to Formula quality and key su