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Are you organic?Updated 6 months ago

The majority of the ingredients we use are organic, but our north star is to always combine cleanest ingredients with highest quality nutrition. We chose to include in our formula the two most abundant proteins in breast milk that are highly beneficial for immune, gut, and digestive health but are not yet found in “organic” forms in the US. We love them because they drive important benefits for baby and are non-GMO and RBST-free!

Our formula was the first Clean Label Project-certified infant formula in the US (and even won the highest tier " Purity Award”) and was screened for over 400 contaminants (our own quality program screens for over 700!). We are proud to lead the market with certified cleanest ingredients: other infant formulas are now pursuing the Clean Label Project certification to ensure higher standards across the industry. By hand-picking highest quality ingredients and using the gentlest, most careful manufacturing processes—producing in clean, small batches in our own facility—we keep the good stuff in, all the way from farm to formula.

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