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Everything you need to know about our company

How much does ByHeart cost?

The price is $42 per can for a la carte purchases, and $39 per can for subscriptions. Shipping is always free!

How many ounces are in each can?

Each can of our infant formula contains 24 ounces – that's 40-44 feeds of 4 oz.

What’s the shelf life?

Each unopened can of ByHeart is good for 24 months, but for exact dates, you can see the "Use By" date on the bottom of your can. Once opened, our formula can be used within one month (be sure to tightly cover the can after each use!).

Do you offer samples?

At this time we don't have samples, but all first purchases ordered from come with the ByHeart Promise: if you and your baby don't absolutely love it, we'll give you your money back.

Where is ByHeart made?

ByHeart’s infant formula is made right here in the US at our own FDA-registered facilities in Reading, Pennsylvania, Allerton, Iowa, and Portland, Oregon, and is made with the highest quality ingredients that we source globally. By hand-picking highe

Why is ByHeart different?

Because when you own it, you can change it. When we realized that – despite so much change (over decades!) in infant nutrition science and breast milk research– infant formula hasn’t caught up, we asked ourselves, “WHY?”. Only three companies own app

Can you recycle the containers?

You can absolutely recycle your ByHeart container! They can go right in with your own recycling, or be reused in your home. We personally love using them as planters!

How have things changed since the recall?

Since the voluntary recall in December of 2022, we have focused on strengthening and scaling our supply chain so that we can safely and reliably meet the needs of families nationwide. We now own our entire manufacturing which means we have control ov

Where can I purchase ByHeart?

ByHeart is currently available on,, and in select Target stores. Feel free to click this link that will help you locate a Target near you.