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Why is ByHeart different?Updated a year ago

Because when you own it, you can change it.

When we realized that – despite so much change (over decades!) in infant nutrition science and breast milk research– infant formula hasn’t caught up, we asked ourselves, “WHY?”

Only three companies own approximately 90% of the market, and other new brands have used one contract manufacturer: formula has only changed by one ingredient here, one benefit there…for a LONG time.

At ByHeart, we are the first new brand to own ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and research & development facilities. We actually clinically proved next-to-breast-milk benefits (like less spit up and softer poops!) in our own trial.

Breast milk is the most functional and natural first food for baby, but every parent deserves “no-compromise” nutrition, so we took a “no-compromise” approach to our recipe—meaning that you shouldn't have to choose between baby’s nutrition and clean, wholesome ingredients.

ByHeart’s Whole Nutrition Infant Formula includes a patented protein blend to drive easy digestion, and offers all-in-one benefits (including immune support, gut and brain health, less spit up, less gas, and softer poops!). But we didn’t stop at ALL these benefits: our recipe also includes the certified cleanest ingredients too, as the first Clean Label Project certified, easy-to-digest infant formula with no corn syrup, maltodextrin, soy, or palm oil.

We were able to innovate and work to do better for babies because we controlled and tested every step of the process, from farm to formula, rather than relying on a contract manufacturer or on clinical research from decades ago. You can learn more about our clinical trial here:

Clinical Trial

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