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How to make a ByHeart bottle, how many ounces, combo feeding


Can I use ByHeart with Baby Breeza?

Hi! We’ve been doing tests to try and find the best Baby Brezza setting, but at this time, we do recommend following the preparation instructions on the can. It’s not that it’s potentially dangerous, but rather, we find that ByHeart is made best this

Can I use warm water?

We recommend mixing with warm water to ensure it dissolves quickly, easily, and with as little foam as possible (although foam is totally safe for baby and normal!), but ultimately, you can use whatever temperature water baby prefers. If you do heat

Do I need to give my baby any extra water?

Our infant formula is designed to meet a healthy baby’s fluid needs for the first 6 months. When your baby is approaching 6 months, talk with your pediatrician about introducing water and complementary foods if you so wish.

How do I prepare a bottle of ByHeart?

Please see the mixing instructions here, or on each ByHeart can (it’s on the back!).

Is it ok to give my baby ByHeart formula if I am still breastfeeding?

Yes! Many parents combo feed, which is the practice of substituting breast milk feedings with formula feeds.