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You said you would have formula in January - Why not use the other packaging facility until yours is done?Updated 3 months ago

After the voluntary recall, we were planning to resume production and return to supplying you with our infant formula in January. However, we then learned that there was considerable uncertainty around our packager’s ability or willingness to meet our timelines and standards following the recall. What is also frustrating is that we have been making infant formula powder 24/7 at our own facility in Reading, PA and the packaging is the reason we can’t get it out and to our customers. We had a long-time plan to purchase our own packaging facility and we expedited this and made the tough call to wait until we could ensure full control over this packaging step rather than take any risk of another recall or issue based on a facility not in our direct control. This was a judgment call and we made it based on babies first not business first even if it doesn’t seem that way right no

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